Bring Kind Mind To Your School!

At the Kind Mind Collective, we believe that effective education starts with understanding your audience. That's why our programs are created for today's top issues by the people who understand them the most - young people. That's why we offer educational programs to organizations across the country.

What We Offer

  • Assemblies

  • Workshops

  • Information Nights

  • Teacher/ Student Development

Life On The Outside Anti-Bullying Comic Books

"Life on the Outside", a project of non-profit Kind Mind Collective, is a story about high schooler Asher Phoenix struggling with bullying, mental health, friendships, and their identity. Along the way, they meet new people, conquers new emotions, and learn more about themselves. Our comic book is used as an educational tool across the country, for assemblies and workshops.

Kind Mind Kit Programing

Our unique Kind Mind Kits focuses on today's hard-hitting issues through hands-on training and activities. Our education includes toolkits and activities to create kinder, braver communities. This program is used as an educational tool across the country, for workshops and parent/ teacher information sessions.

Free Community Programs

Kind Mind Clubs

Kind Mind Clubs are after-school programs or community groups that aim to improve communities through acts of kindness. The Kind Mind Club is a club where students promote simple acts of kindness throughout communities. Kind Mind Clubs offer free-to-use framework to start your own Kind Mind Club, no matter where you are!

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