This Is My Story: Briannah Hardy.

"Before I had Internet, bullying was an issue for me. And once I started getting into the social media world, the bullying got worse."

Meet Briannah, a 17 year old living in Missouri. Although upsetting, this pattern of bullying is the sad yet true reality for kids all over the country.

"I got told to kill myself, I got called ugly on a daily basis. All from the same group of girls. And it really took a toll on me. I was always one if those people who never let my pride be affected by others opinions but when you get told to do terrible things to yourself on a daily basis it hurts."

"When my dad passed these girls told me he was lucky to get away from me. When I went through a major heartbreak, the congratulated him on losing me. And so much more. They made my cyber life, and my actual life a living hell."

Over 81 per cent of teens admit that bullying is easier to get away with online. Would these girls said these things to her in person? Although interesting to think about, these words can take a major toll on anyone, but she didn't let that affect her.

"Once I realized that their are irrelevant, that they truly don't matter, I began to really self rehabilitate myself and tell myself that I'm beautiful and I matter. That's how I overcame it."

Plus, she has an important message that everyone needs to hear:

"They can come back on different profiles and say hurtful things. Now I just hit the delete button or the block button and go on with my day. People need to realize is that cyber bullies only do what they do because us victims give them the satisfaction that they are affecting us. We let them in our heads and we believe what they say and we can't do that. It is my belief that we are all beautiful and we all matter."