Comic Books To End Bullying

At Diverse Gaming Coalition, we're always looking for fun and inventive ways on tackling bullying.

To do this, we wanted to create something special and unique. We wanted to touch lives, and hope that others will soon understand. Plus, we want to support those who were being the targets of bullying, especially as a minority.

Each month, we've been releasing web-comics to focus on social issues facing our world today, including an anti-bullying comic strip. We wanted to expand more on that, and create something that can help others. So, we created our first ever anti-bullying comic book!

"Life On The Outside" is about a non-binary person of color struggling with bullying, mental health, friendships, and more in none other than High School. Sometimes, it's difficult for people to express themselves freely in certain settings, including educational institutes. We wanted to reflect this in our state-of-the-art educational resource and prove that diversity is key.

Plus, we're taking these comics on the road with us, bringing these to schools, summer camps, and other organizations to promote a safe, bully-free environment, while incorporating fun into everything we do! “It’s a lot about self-help, telling a peer or a teacher you’re having these issues, and that they need to be resolved. A bully might read it, relate to the story and stop bullying someone because of it.” says Abbey Sager, Co-Author and Founder of Diverse Gaming Coalition. Want to bring our program to your school? Send us an e-mail at