How To Spread Kindness During The Holidays

Holidays can be rough for many people, especially those with mental illnesses or unsupportive families. Many factors contribute to the dreadful holiday table discussion, but heres a few ways to be more kind during the holidays: Avoid talking about difficult topics.

Topics such as politics, personal information, and degrading questions can impact the ones you love. This is all too true for our main character in our new comic strip. Instead, take the time you have with the ones you love to talk about the good times you have with each other.

Ask before hand if anyone needs accommodations.

Maybe a family member is vegan, or maybe someone prefers a certain pronoun. Taking the time that other people might not shows how much you care.

Avoid putting the spotlight on an individual.

This situation may be uncomfortable for some people, even if you're commending someone for their good work. By having general discussions, this will make the people who'd like to join in the conversation be able to put their input in, while having others simply listen.

Is there any other things that would help spread kindness this holiday season? Leave it in the comments below!