What is the Kind Mind Collective?

When I started my non-profit organization in 2016, I didn't think that it would amount to the huge platform that it is today. But, we've come so far from what we created in 2016. From Comic Books to TEDx talks, we've been able to reach thousands of people across the country to spread our message of peace, unity, and positivity. However, I wanted to be able to reach our message more efficiently and effectively. From program reworks to a full re-brand of our organization, I am proud of what we are today.

Starting in 2019, Diverse Gaming Coalition will now be known as the Kind Mind Collective, a not for profit organization promoting kindness and compassion through education while integrating pop-culture. We are dedicated to creating a kind and accepting world using programs, materials, and events, and workshops that teach human connection.

The most important thing to me is that people, especially young people, are being represented and understood. And that's what the Kind Mind Collective is all about. Our goals are to promote community growth by integrating state-of-the-art education to touch the lives of young people everywhere. We also strive to cultivate effective education by combining experts from the field with youth who observe and act on various issues. Lastly, we believe that showcasing compassion, empathy, and effective communication skills while reinforcing good habits promotes kinder and braver communities.

Additionally, we have many changes with the programs we offer to achieve these goals. Ideally, our award-winning comic-book has kept it's spot on the throne with many updates to the program. We've also added more educational programs, including classroom activities and after-school clubs. More information is to come throughout the next few months.

Overall, our re-brand was necessary to stay up-to-date with our ever-changing society. It's important to us not only that we're relaying the correct information, but we're doing so in effective ways. However, I'm excited to see what 2019 will bring for the Kind Mind Collective and the communities we serve.

Want to learn more information? Visit kindmindcollective.org or e-mail Abbey Perl at abbey@kindmindcollective.org

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